National Novel Writing Month strikes again

I wake up, look around, and it’s November. October got away from me, I confess. I made absolutely no headway with regard to book reviews, and posts about walks to the pond and adventures in cooking are hanging around the back-end of the site only half-conceived.

Unfortunately, they are likely to linger in that state a bit longer, as National Novel Writing Month is once again upon us. This will be my sixth year of participation, and while I’m pretty much over the official organization, I still enjoy the challenge. I have a core group of far-flung friends rounded up to type away with me, and I’m glad to resume my unofficial role as cheerleader on our little message board. This year I hope to get out and about with my wee clamshell and join some locals in coffeeshop meetups.

Either way, I’m going to be head down and fingers typing for the month of November. Don’t despair: I’ll be back in December with an updating vengeance, to ring out the year with a posting bang! Or something.

National Novel Writing Month strikes again

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