official 2012 post-election rant

It wouldn’t be an election year if I didn’t have at least one ranting post, so here it is: Maryland voters upheld the state’s equal marriage law! You’d think this would be great news. Historic, unprecedented, heart-warming, uplifting, community-affirming, ground-breaking news, right? Yes. It is.

So, why am I hearing kvetching from rich white gay people about how aggravating it is that this even needed to happen? Can we not just take one day to enjoy the moment? To look around at our neighbors in our various towns in the majority black counties in one of the most diverse states in the country and think, “Hey, these people consider me part of their community and actively support me and my family. They are not waiting for DOMA to be overturned to grudgingly accept my civil rights nor are they acting like Virginia and passing crazy laws to the bitter end to overtly deny me even normal contractual guarantees. Nope, instead they supported their elected officials in passing a marriage equality law and then they went to the polls to uphold it. Wow, I feel so happy to be part of this moment and this place.” Apparently not.

I know that it’s frustrating to be the last bogeyman standing in the marriage equality ring and I know that DOMA is a turd in your wine every single day. I know that it has sucked to work in the DC area and have to choose to between legal marriage, voting representation in Congress, or Virginia. I know that it is absolutely not right in the least that civil rights be denied people based on majority rule. This can all be true and we can still be pleased and happy and, yes, even grateful to live under a president who is willing to spend political capital on this issue, in a state where people who are not just contrary New Englanders are moved to positive action on our behalf.

I know I am. So, Prince George’s County, Maryland, black people, and President Obama: cheers! Thank you. And, all you white people in Maine, Minnesota, and Washington: you’re not so bad yourselves.

official 2012 post-election rant

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