Reid gets another chance at Lieberman, which he probably won’t take

I know I promised to never blog about the Lieb again, so I’ll keep it brief. It’s no news at all that Senator Lieberman is a hypocrite and a coward who won’t affiliate himself with a party that actually shares his beliefs because they don’t represent those of his constituency and he dearly loves his title. Instead, he lies about what he’s going to do, collects the money and the power, and then smirks his way back to his true position.

I’ve already used our local favorite you can’t polish a turd as the warning to Senator Reid before he rolled over and re-upped the Lieb, which means I’m left with only lie down with a dog, get up with fleas. Of course, the best way to deal with cowards is to call bullshit on their threats, and I’m hoping that Reid forces Republicans-plus-Lieberman to filibuster the move to bring the debate the floor. It’s possible they’d get everyone on board with that, but I have to believe that there are still a few Republicans who support going ahead with an actual debate and amendments to the bill than not. Of course, a filibuster may actually succeed, but at least they’d have to work for it.

I swear, nothing exposes the Senate for the good old whitey boys club that it still is like this perpetual nonsense around what to do about ole Joe Lieberman.

Reid gets another chance at Lieberman, which he probably won’t take

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