oil painting class

The next step in my art-making plan is to learn how to use the oil paints that my grandfather gave me 18 months ago. After nearly forty years in their house, my grandparents moved into an apartment, and my grandfather passed along his easel, paints, and brushes to me. Since I haven’t had a painting class in over 15 years, I decided to find a beginning level course to sign up for.

The course I decided to take is through The Art League, which teaches out of The Torpedo Factory in Arlington. It’s quite a hike from my house, but it was the best option accessible by public transportation (oil painting classes at the county community centers in my area were all accessible only by car). The location is lovely, right on the river, with spacious and airy studios. An acquaintance took classes there several years ago and was quite pleased with the artists she met, so I’m looking forward to having a positive experience.

Of course, I’m experiencing the standard nervousness associated with starting something new, but I’m sure that will abate once the class starts next week. In the meantime, I’m gathering the required supplies. I’ll need to supplement the materials I have with some new ones, and I’m hoping to be able to find them all at the campus bookshop (much more easily accessible than the in-house store at The Torpedo Factory).

So, in a couple of months, I expect to have two small still life oil paintings on canvas, of which I also expect to be inordinately proud.

oil painting class

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